About CBC15

CBC15 is a network of four, highly experienced communication and strategic consulting agencies in northern Germany and Denmark: duag, Firstline Communication, Miller & Meier Consulting, and Nebelung Kommunikation.

Operating out of Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Kiel, and Lübeck we offer strategic communications and sustainability consulting with a strong focus on public affairs, lobbying, issues and crisis management.  We also have solid experiences with corporate communications, corporate social responsibility, and branding across national borders.

For several years, we have cooperated and worked independently across the German-Danish borders for clients notably within infrastructure, construction, food, environmental engineering, tourism, and culture in the region.

In 2015 we formalized our long collaborations in CBC15 to better serve clients in a region and market rapidly growing. The green and blue colors in our logo symbolize the land and maritime borders between Denmark and Germany.