A Meta-Market

The Jutland Corridor and the future Fehmarnbelt Tunnel are changing the regional geography of northern Germany and Denmark. Together with the Kiel Canal and the Oresund Bridge, a northern European infrastructure hub and a larger, regional business meta-market is developing. A region which stretches from Bremen-Hamburg to the Oresund Region of Copenhagen-Malmo, and includes Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and South Jutland. This growth will not least strengthen the regions’ small and medium sized companies within e.g. food safety, green technologies, healthcare, mobility, energy, IT, and tourism. Not to mention new industries deriving from the continuous digitalization of things. For both German and Danish companies there is a great, untapped potential in crossing the national borders and entering new territories.

But crossing national borders and entering new markets can be a challenge to overcome – for well established as well as for new players. To deal effectively with national and regional differences in framework conditions, cultural understanding, organizational traditions, and access to decision-makers in governments and agencies often take specialized knowledge and experience.

It is in this context, CBC15 helps companies and organizations to cross borders, influence framework conditions, engage with stakeholders and reach their business goals in a rapidly developing region.